Chicken Biryani Daig For Sadqa


Alamgeer Welfare Trust or Saylani Welfare Trust Dastarkhuwaan distributes Chicken Biryani Daigs in areas where people are severely poor. In addition, Chicken Biryani Daigs are now available in Karachi sites where labourers are stationed. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
This daigh weighs 10kg and comfortably serves 30-35 people approx.

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Chicken Biryani Daig For Sadqa. ( In Alamgeer Welfare Trust Or Saylani Welfare Dastarkhuwaan )

  • A Certificate of authenticity will be issued.
  • This Biryani Daigh weighs 10kg and comfortably serves 30-35 people approx.
  • 3 – 4 Working days advance ordering is required.
  • This product is accessible in all major metropolitan areas.
  • Team guarantees that you will receive a scanned copy of the receipts for any contributions, food distributions, Zakaat or Sadqa that you have made through the website.


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