Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping at GiftAndALL.com, simply enter the address of your gift recipient, and in the cart, there is an option to choose whether the order is a gift. Checking this box will ensure that the store properly processes your order, and will allow you to enter a gift message tailored to you and your order during checkout. Be sure to enter the recipient’s mobile phone number and email address. This ensures that at the time of delivery we can contact the recipient should there be any problems.

You can send gifts to your friends and family members by clicking the “gift” option on the home page of the website or by selecting the gift box in the cart. Please make sure you are buying from the address you would like the gift to be sent as items to retailers. Please note, if you are planning a delivery time for your gift recipient there must be someone over the age of 20 to sign the delivery. When the delivery is complete, the gift recipient will receive your gift message via email.

To order a cake, visit GiftsAndALL.com, or visit our cakes page for more details. You can also customize the cake, but please note that cake designs and prices vary on our website.

We will not be able to cancel your order if not informed us within 12 hours after placing order.

We need an email address to send confirmation of your order and phone number if we need to contact you about your order.

We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard and will never discriminate against you or impose your personal information on third parties.

We need a billing and delivery address. The billing address should match your card details. You can provide a different billing and delivery address if required.

We will need to securely take your payment details.

You will be shown a summary before confirming your order.

Please visit GiftsAndALL.com for any questions you may have. Our customer service team operates Monday to Saturday. We try to respond to emails within three working days. Please note that emails are not considered over the weekend.

Yes, you can. You’ll just need to enter your gift recipient’s shipping address at checkout.

If you provide an email with the recipient’s phone number, we contact them to ask when and where they would like to receive your gift – and bring it to their door.

After you complete the payment, you will be taken to the effective order screen when you successfully complete your exit and receive an order confirmation.

We get this question all the time; people just can’t believe we’re able to deliver so quickly until they see it for themselves. We can’t tell you all the secrets we’ve got hidden up our sleeves, but here are the basics of how we get your gifts to your family, friends, and colleagues in more than 250 Cities so quickly. GiftAndALL.com managers and gift experts serve services in more than 200 cities. They confer their full time and consideration to provide quick delivery for their customers.

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