Mix Mithai For Clients / Employees


At a moment’s notice, you need to select the right employee appreciation gift for any occasion. This is the finest present you can give to your employees and clients. 1kg of delectable Mix Mithai for all clients and employees. Our commitment to quality ensures that your clients/employees receive the greatest presents possible.

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Delicious Mix Mithai 1kg From Renowned Mithai Shop.

  • Minimum Ordered is 15.
  • Actual product may vary from the picture shown here.
  • 4 – 5 Working days advance ordering is required.
  • This item was created specifically as company gift.
  • Each Mithai Box Price Are Mentioned.
  • The prices shown are the cheapest prices available and are solely for corporate orders.
  • This product is accessible in all major metropolitan areas in Pakistan.
  • Except Karachi, Other cities’ delivery charges will be calculated based on the distance travelled.


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