Chocolate Chip Cake


2lbs Chocolate Chip Cake From Renowned Bakery. This Chocolate Chip Cake is 2 layers of moist and delicious cake with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips baked right in, and a sweet vanilla chocolate chip buttercream frosting to boot!

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Chocolate Chip Cake.

  • Actual product may vary from the picture shown here.
  • No Preservatives|No MSG’s.
  • Note: Some Bakery make this cake in another design so we will not responsible if this cake design was change.
  • Note: Some bakeries produce this cake in vanilla flavor, while others make it in chocolate flavor, thus we cannot be held liable if the flavor of this cake changes.
  • 2 Working Days Advance Ordering is required.
  • Some Bakeries make this Cake in the weight of 2lbs and some Bakeries make this Cake with 4, 6, 8lbs weight.
  • If 4, 6, or 8lbs Cake are not Available, Wwill Notify you through Text Message.
  • This product is accessible in all major metropolitan areas.
  • Except Karachi, Other cities’ delivery charges will be calculated based on the distance travelled.

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